T E N months...double digits!!

such a character
We can't believe that in only TWO more short months our little guy will be a one year old.....a toddler! He has changed so much and his personality shows more and more each day. At his checkup last week he weighed 20.4 lbs. (52%) and 29.5 inches (77%). Cooper has mastered crawling (if he's in a hurry he prefers crawling Mowgli style), going up and down the stairs, and pushing the high chair + dining table chairs + garbage can around the tile floor. He can stand on his own for about 30 seconds and sometimes will take one step forward, but chickens out after that. Sadly to admit, he has started to throw little fits when things aren't going his way. He enjoys individually throwing each piece of clothing out of his drawers. Cooper's first two bottom teeth popped up this last month and his upper teeth should be coming in very soon (not fun). He just recently started waving hi/bye and giving high 5's.

Cooper has so many family members that love him. He has been lucky this last month to have had visits from Grandpa Roadie, Grandma Bean/ Grandpa Ricky and fly out to Illinois with daddy to visit his great-grandparents, grandparents, aunt, uncles, and COUSINS- Colin, Peyton, & Brody.

Loves pickles and grandpa time
taking a picture of 4 kids under the age of 5= hilarious!!
first (of many) football games with daddy
loving his first park visit


N I N E months

So big, so fast. He is a very busy body and is always trying to get into something. He enjoys pushing objects across the kitchen floor (mainly heavy ones, like his Bumbo seat and dining table chairs). We don't know if he is just going through a phase or what because every time we feed him peas or green beans he spits them everywhere and laughs...or maybe he is just going to be a veggie hater like his father. Cooper's eyes are still blue as can be and people always point out how beautiful they are. His hair isn't quite so stick straight anymore and is becoming wavy on the ends. It's super cute! Our hearts are full of love for this little guy--the kind of love I never thought was possible. We love you Coop.

cleaning buddy
playing with great-gram McD's jewelry
visit from Uncle Jason
his main bath accessory--rubber ducky

twinning. Yes Josh purposely did it---SO cute!!


E I G H T months

Once again, a few weeks off but our babe is 8 months! This month has been a huge changing milestone in our lives as he has learned to crawl. It seems like it all came too fast and I would reverse it in a second. I swear he started scooting for a few weeks and then BAM he suddenly was crawling full speed!! He has had a few falls but is very resilient and rarely cries when he tumbles over. He loves his puffs cereal and has mastered putting things into his mouth...we may or may not have caught him with a mouth full of dog food...yuck!! He still has no teeth but we swear he is teething all day everyday as he tries rubbing all sorts of things on his gums including the soles of shoes and our toes...once again yuck! The best way to get him to do a full on belly laugh is when Josh rubs his scruffy face on his belly. We get a kick out of watching his reaction every time. We are so blessed to have this sweet boy in our lives and the joy + laughter he brings us each day!
Our life has been crazy and hectic this last month as we have been packing and preparing to move so we've slacked in the picture taking department this month!